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The Office of Public Defense Services

Bakos Investigative Services is a contracted company with the Office of Public Defense Services. Therefore, any Attorneys needing our services for their defense cases can contract us through O.P.D.S. This services can not only free you up to focus on other aspects of your case but it is also a paid service without any cost to you.

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Bakos Investigative Services works with Attorneys in any facet of law. We understand that a case can hinge on many different things. We also understand that Attorneys spend a lot of time in court and preparing for trials. Because of this, we offer our services to Attorneys to do the investigating and foot work that is needed to obtain information that could save their case. Our prior decades of experience, in law enforcement, has also given us the ability to identify aspects of the case which were otherwise overlooked and it is these aspects that can win a case.

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Private and Corporate Contracts

We provide full-service private investigations, asset and background informational searches for companies and private individuals, surveillance for personal and corporate matters, missing person searches, cold case or unsolved crime investigations, pre-employment screening, and much more.

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